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Impro Access Control Systems

Impro Access Control Systems – Readers
Indoor and outdoor use | Keypad, tag and biometric

Product overview
Access Portal’s reader range provides a variety of choice, to suit any application and installation. We offer indoor and outdoor readers, with a variety of footprints from the smallest reader to traditional junction box mountings.

Most readers are available as multi-discipline versions, ensuring legacy 125kHz proximity credentials (tags) and 13.56MHz ranges are able to be read.

The range includes fingerprint biometric readers, keypad readers
and non-keypad variants:
Multi-discipline readers with Seos and OSDP (MDR-SE)
Multi-discipline readers, with or without keypad
Multi-discipline junction box readers, with or without keypad
LCD biometric time & attendance readers (MDTA/BMTA)
Imprint biometric reader (IBR)
Antenna (125kHz only) readers

Impro Access Control Systems Readers

Impro Access Control Systems

Impro Access Control Systems – Cluster modules
Rapid installation | Install up to 150m* from controller

Product overview
Access Portal modules simply clip into the cluster controller for one of the most rapid installation procedures ever seen. With just one click, your power and communication cabling is done. Alternatively, the module can be installed up to 150 metres* from the controller.

Mix and match
Up to eight modules, of any variant, can be installed with a single cluster controller. This provides a huge amount of flexibility to meet different installation needs, with off-the-shelf hardware, as well as significant cost savings.

OSDP: global open standard offering higher levels of security, with reduced cabling and installation complexity. Supports two readers per module as well as the Wiegand protocol for a simplified upgrade path.

Wiegand: most common communication method for access control devices.
Manages two Impro readers per module. Enables the use of third party products such as biometrics, ANPR and long-range readers.

IO8: comprises eight digital inputs and eight relay outputs, for multiple connect/ disconnect options such as elevators, intrusion systems and lighting control.

Antenna: older 125KHz communication protocol, which manages two
Impro readers. Ideal for cost sensitive markets not requiring high

* Excludes Antenna modules

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